DIY Metallic Flowers Tutorial

If you’re after something a little different from the average bunch of flowers, why don’t you try giving them a spray paint makeover.

It’s a great idea for parties or table settings, the possibilities are endless!

In this tutorial I used artificial flowers but if you want to use real flowers there are some great floral spray paints on the market safe enough to use on real blooms without doing any damage.

What you’ll need:




Spray Paint.  I used a mix of Design Master and Ironlak.

Foil or Masking Tape


ImageTear off a few sheets of aluminum foil and wrap them around the stem and leaves of the flower. Alternatively you could use masking tape but I found foil quick and easy.

ImageMake sure the foil is wrapped tight around the stem to avoid any paint from spraying off onto uncovered areas.


To prep the flowers for the gold paint I firstly sprayed them white to give them a richer gold result.


Next- spray on the gold! (or any colour of your choosing) Make sure you’re spraying from all directions to ensure full coverage.


The next step is optional. I held down the nozzle of the spray can ever so slightly to make the paint ‘splatter’. I covered the gold in silver splatters to give it more dimension.


Now simply leave to dry and place in your favourite vase. As you can see I mixed mine with some more metallic.

If you are really adventurous you could spray the stems. Would love to see your renditions!



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Earthly Industrial



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Childs Play

As some of you know I’m a Visual Merchandising student, which is basically a fancy word for stylist. Quite simply, we’re hired to make stuff look good- the better the stuff looks the more revenue a company makes. It’s my second year at college and we’ve been doing back to back assessments. Its been quite full-on, however I thought I’d share some of my work I’ve been doing. Below is my Lifestyle Styling and I chose to do childrenswear. Enjoy!

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Man Style

Nice to meet you & welcome to my first official blog post!

I recently went shopping at one of my favourite fashion stores Saba, well known in Australia for their quality and timeless pieces. I’m really digging the menswear look at the moment, especially when sprinkled with a garnish of feminine.

So it’s no doubt, that after very little thought, I purchased the tuxedo shirt and am absolutely in love with it. Did I mention how amazing their menswear range is? If you’re passing by, check them out!

C x



Hat- Sportsgirl, Tuxedo Shirt- Saba, Pants- Zara,  Bleeker Bag- Vintage Princess, Rings- Mezi & Lovisa, Heels- Tony Bianco