Observatorie x Belle Flaneur = Pre Fall 2014 Givenchy Installation @ Robby Ingham Paddington


photo 1(7)

This week I had the absolute privilege of working under the wing of the founder and director of Belle Flaneur, Natalie Coulter. Myself and Tracy Dixon (@StyleWiser on instagram) assisted in the installation of the Givenchy Pre Fall 2014 window displays and in store merchandising at the ah-mazing Robby Ingham store in Paddington.  Natalie is ALL about sustainable living. Her installations prove no different. She works closely with Reverse Garbage to repurpose and resuse and create from materials that would otherwise be made into landfill.

photo 1(9)We pulled props together to get a feel for the look. We were going for a really raw, organic vibe to juxtapose the strong lines and bold colours in the Givenchy collection.

photo 2Tracy and I spray painting some black balayage effect onto palm fronds.

photo 2(8)

Mannequin dressing & Product Placementphoto 1(8) We carefully positioned more palm fronds instore to continue the theme before finishing up.photo 1(3) photo 2(6) photo 1(6)photo 2(3)photo 1(4)photo 1(5)photo 2(4)photo 2(7)photo 2(5) photo 1(7)The Robby Ingham store is such a great space to work in and we were all over the moon with the result. It was such a fantastic opportunity to work with some very talented and passionate people as well as fantastic product.

C x