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Light It Up!

Have you ever heard the term “It’s all about the lighting”?  It’s absolutely true!

You can change the look and feel of a room simply by choosing the right lights for your space.

I’ve trawled through a heap of pendants, globes and floor lamps to bring you my lighting top picks-  that would not only set the mood but look super stylish in your home!

C x

Broom Light0149993_PE308143_S5Replica-Kevin-Reilly-Gem-Pendant











Half Gold Bulb






1. Lee Broom 2. Ikea 3 &14. Matt Blatt 4 & 13. Fromage La Rue 5, 12 & 16. Anthropologie. 6. Citta Design 7-11. Urban Couture 15. Freedom

Finders Keepers


If you’ve ever been to a Finders Keepers Market, you’d know they are the crème de la crème of markets.

Jam-packed with the freshest of new and upcoming designers, it’s an absolute feast for the senses.

Finders Keepers showcase anything from food and candles to fashion and art.

It’s a definite must-go if you want to discover new talent or just simply after something a little different for your home.

I arrived quite late to the Sydney venue- roughly an hour before closing. So I was in a frantic rush trying not to miss anything.

I did end up with this GORGEOUS print by Rachel Kennedy Designs, who is an absolute talent and you can buy her designs for an absolute steal.  Check out her work here.


If you missed Finders Keepers over the weekend there is a little wait till the next one- but a wait well worth it!

Market Dates for 2014

Melbourne held at the Royal Exhibition Building:
Autumn/Winter – Friday 25th (evening) & Saturday 26th July
Spring/Summer – Friday 17th (evening) & Saturday 18th October

Brisbane held at the Old Museum:
Autumn/Winter – Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July
Spring/Summer – Saturday 8th & 9th November

Sydney held at the Australian Technology Park:
Autumn/Winter – Friday 6th (evening) & Saturday 7th June
Spring/Summer – Friday 12th (evening) & Saturday 13th December

C x